Program 14.02.2020

8.-Mai-Straße 28, Raum 8/Klagenfurt

6:00 PM

What is artistic research? | Opening
Introduction to the project Mapping the Unseen by the team of the project and talk about the approach and method of artistic research with Univ.-Prof. Prof.h.c. Dr.phil. Mag. Ulf  Bästlein. 

7:00 PM

Rina Barbarić: Room for Loosing Your Virginity | Exhibition/installation
“In spite of there being a lot of readily available information on the internet, educational programs and oral tradition, losing one’s virginity is still a topic enveloped in myths and one that is rarely spoken about openly.
Often times, losing their virginity is presented to girls as a romantic and dreamy moment but for most girls, their first sex is an uncomfortable and painful experience.”

Rina Barbarić (1991, Slovenia) is a visual artist currently freelancing
in between Zagreb, Rijeka and Ljubljana.

7:30 PM

Matija Peček: Duality of the Human Element | Exhibition/performance

“There is an innate duality in every human being: good and evil, positive and negative, black and white. We are discovering the rainbow that is present not only within members of the LGBT* community, but within humanity as a whole.”

The exhibition Duality of the Human Element is divided into two sections.

Matija Peček was born in Zagreb in 1989. He graduated from the Public relations department at the Zagreb school of business. He is also a Shibari performer, makes prints and frames and works as a concept photographer.