15.12.20 - 29.1.21

Exhibition of the participatory intervention

OFF SPACE Kunst Raum Villach, Karlgasse 8

The event "10 Days That Shook The World" on the situation of the Rohingya refugees was planned as an intervention in March 2020 in several places in Dhaka, as “performative architecture to embed a temporary autonomous zone community interaction formed as radical hospitality: for cooking and sharing meals, teaching, reading, watching or making film, playing music, sleeping. (…) Within this space, the power dynamics between host and guest or self and other interchange and dissolve into those of multitudes in spontaneous social action. (...) Our collective practice is based on three activities: performance, social interaction and documentation-dissemination. (...) It carries important voices that celebrate years of resistance - of resilience - of making more visible voices and stories that must be heard.“
These interventions were extended by the pandemic and the lockdown to several months and could be carried out in an adapted manner. They have been archived by Ebadur Rahman on a website, where the encounters and works of the participating artists/researchers can be seen.

Exhibition „10 Days That Shook The World“- in the premises of the OFF SPACE Kunst Raum Villach, Karlgasse 8.

Daily open from 15th - 21th December 2020: 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.

From 22th December - 29th January 2021 on demand.



  • Ebadur Rahman  theoretician, filmmaker, curator and artist. He is based in Dhaka, California and Paris. His recent work brought him also to Austria to the Academy of fine arts in Vienna and to the Venice Biennale as well as to the Filmfestival K3 in Carinthia.
  • Shalahuddin Helaly  see CV down belo
  • Tanvir Ahmed Chowdhury  is an experienced filmmaker, video artist, writer, creative content generator and a local of Chittagong


  • Shafiqul Kabir Chandan  a Milano, Italy based fiber artist, as well as a writer and  researcher
  • Proshoon Rahmaan  is a Dhaka based writer & independent Filmmaker from Bangladesh, his feature films were bringing womanhood of South Asia and Rohingya refugees into focus. 
  • Ahmed Hasan Sunny  musician, composer, writer
  • Novera Hasan Nikkon  filmmaker and artist

Drawings, fotos and pictures by:

  • Avi Shankar Ain specialized in pencil, ink, charcoal, watercolour, acrylic, and oil; his upbringing in Dhaka bestowed on him his love of nature. Ain’s appreciation for landscape is reflected in his paintings, which are traditional in form, and employ imagery, absurdity, and minimalistic forms, encompassing subjects from Bangladesh and India, along with Western and Far Eastern Art.
  • Shalahuddin Helaly is the son of a freedom-fighter of the liberation war of Bangladesh, and a renowned local politician. An experienced screen based journalist, Helaly, pioneered investigative reporting for primetime television programs.
  • Ronni Ahmmed is an absurdist with a penchant for articulating the social-political realities in hyperboles. Among the contemporary artists, poet and visual artist.
  • Razib Datta stands out for his unique approach. His styles may appear simple but they portray deeper and often politically charged expressions.
  • Mahia Rahman is a young talented child artist and first generation Bangladeshi immigrant residing in Ireland.
  • Naw Naw is a Yangoon based street photographer.

Films by:

Ebadur Rahman and Tanvir Ahmed Chowdhury:
•    10 Days That Shook The World

•    Exodus Road – raw material