Biographical Stories - Workshop

virtual via Zoom-Conference

The Biography Workshop on the 20th of Decmber is an invitation to people who would like to reflect on their own life story and experiences in connection with the topic of flight. This topic was also present in Austria well before 2015: Apart from the Second World War, which forced many people who were unwanted by the Nazis to flee their homeland, the war in Yugoslavia brought many people here. But also from African countries, Afghanistan and other areas people have to flee for various reasons. How closely we are connected to flight through our own experience or through friends, will be discussed in the workshop.

Rosalia Kopeinig will lead this workshop. She is a psychologist and part of the Mapping the Unseen team.

The workshop from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. in the virtual space via ZOOM Link.

Registration is now possible, limited places: office@mappingtheunseen.com