Program 20.02.2020

8.-Mai-Straße 28, Raum 8/Klagenfurt

Next generation? Family over all!

4:00 PM

My Rainbow Family | Book presentation

In 2018 Daniel Martinović (Dugine obitelji /Zagreb Rainbowfamilies) published the first picture book about same gender parents in Croatia with the help of crowdfunding. This book and other international children´s books invite for browsing, reading aloud and exploring these books.

5:00 PM

magically different! | Dramatic reading

Lejla Nematek-Wochein and Sabine Kristof-Kranzelbinder read, amongst others, from the alternative queer storybooks for children from 3 years on „And Tango Makes Three“ and „Alles Familie“.

Sabine Kristof-Kranzelbinder is an actress. As the artistic director of the Kammerlichtspiele Klagenfurt, she has increasingly presented plays for children and youths.

Lejla Nemetek-Wochein, was born in Mostar, a city in Bosnia-Herzegovina and now lives in Villach. Alongside directing theatre workshops for children and youths, the actress developed the childrens TV program “Lutkokaz” together with colleagues in Sarajevo.

6:00 PM

Talk with the network FAm.O.S Regenbogenfamilien in Kärnten and the girls center Klagenfurt about visualization and networking

FAm.O.S. (Familien Andersrum Österreich) is an association for promoting rainbow families in Austria: „More and more LGBTIQs fulfil their desire to have children. That is why the amount of children, who are born into a same gender relationship, is increasing. FAm.O.S. provides the basis and space for networking, pooling of resources and mutual support when it comes to the desire to have a child and other related topics.”

The girls center Klagenfurt is a “competence center that aims at facilitating self-determined and diverse female lives. To fulfil this aspiration, the team is working with girls* and with all people, who are concerned about the future perspective and the potential of young women*.”