Exibhition "Discrimination"

Kunst Raum Villach, Hauptplatz 10, 9500 Villach

Mana Mira, as a partner from Iran, chose the topic “Discrimination” and involved several artists in the project. The resulting images largely revolve around the topic of discrimination against women* and girls* and will be on display at dialogue events in Villach. In addition, there will be regional contributions on the topic of discrimination and artistic freedom, which will also be included in the research.

Mana Mira

Visual artist, teacher

MA in illustration (specialisation in critique of abstract illustration in modern art), Tehran University of Art, Iran
Bachelor in Painting, Tehran University of Art, Iran
Participation in the project on the needs analysis of training topics as a research assistant in the field of painting and illustration
Head of the Department of Painting and Graphic Arts at the College of Fine Arts, teaching painting, drawing, art history.

Films/interviews by Mana Mira
Pictures and photos by collaborating artists: Babak, Betty, Farimah, Hosein, Mana, Mina, Marjan, Maryam, Nasim, Naghmeh, Rahil, Sahar and Sara.

Some of these pictures are also shown in the intervention „Not Dora“