Mapping LGBTIQ Zagreb

Mapping LGBTIQ ( lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, intersexual, queer)

4.–9. 11. 2019 Dordićeva 8a/II, Zagreb

„Re-traditionalization of Croatian society, in the sphere of politics, media and education, is followed by re-traditionalization of culture and contemporary means of artistic expression. Backed by continuous pressure by the far-right on almost all institutional instances, organizations of civil society, non-profit media, initiatives and individual artists are under special unpleasant treatment - subtle and slow deduction of funds or even complete erasure from state funding. This societal turmoil is hitting LGBTIQ community particularly hard. Queer culture and everyday life, along with other gender-aware artistic practices, are slowly being erased, made less visible and accessible in the public life, making their work environments unpleasant and project realization sometimes next to impossible.After two decades of active advocacy for equality queer is present on almost every bigger popular film and art festival, but as a subject is still mostly shunned or ignored in public space when it comes to smaller local initiatives, unconventional topics, emerging artists and needs of the community itself. Following this trend, -Mapping the Unseen- Zagreb aims to explore invisible communities, topics and artists shunned from public discourse and media through interventions in public space. The aim of the manifestation is to create space for presentation and production of their work, opening of dialogue, encouragement of cooperation and exchange of experiences in between local queer community and gender-aware individuals.“ Common Zone

The 6 day program is available here:

Monday, November 4th 
6:00 PM Mapping the Unseen Projectdescription  | opening
6:00 PM Matija Peček: Duality of the Human Element | exhibition
6:00 PM Rina Barbarić: Room for Losing Your Virginity | installation and exhibition
8:00 PM Amir Hodžić, Slaven Crnić: Opening lecture: history and concept origins of queer theory

Tuesday, November 5th
4:00 PM Biographical Workshop by Rosalia Kopeinig |workshop
6:00 PM Rainbow Families: Enacting LGBTIQ parenthood | talk

Wednesday, November 6th
4:00 Biographical Workshop by Rosalia Kopeinig |workshop 
6:00 PM Leonida Kovač: Fierce Women – Nasta Rojc | lecture

Thursday, November 7th
7:00 PM House of Flamingo: Burlesque as an Performance-art Practice | talk
8:00 PM Luka Prelas i Tihomir Babić: Made by Our Bodies | music performance

Friday, November 8th
6:00 PM Screenings of the recent Croatian LGBTIQ film productions
8:00 PM Nina Dragičević: The Music Between Them - Music in construction of lesbian communities | lecture and social event

Saturday, November 9th  
8:00 PM Workplace Equality for All | theatre play