Program 8.11.2019

Dordićeva 8a/II, Zagreb

6:00 PM

Screenings of the recent Croatian LGBTIQ film productions


Peti kat lijevo / Fifth Floor On the Left

dir. Renata Lučić / Croatia / 2018 / short film / 15'

Maja’s parents are coming to Zagreb to visit their daughter. Maja and Nika are putting on facial masks and playing a game that Nika finds exhausting. Dunja Ercegović, a.k.a. Lovely Quinces won the best actress award at the International Short Film Festival, SHOTS 2019 for her part in the film.


Doma za Božić / Home for Christmas

dir. Tomislav Đurinec / Croatia / 2018 / documentary / 31'

The director and protagonist of the film, Tomislav, visits his family for Christmas holidays with the intention of confessing that he is also attracted to men. During the three days they spend together in a laid-back holiday mood, Tomislav is at war with himself and finds himself incapable of achieving his goal. The film won the award for best student film at the film festival in Herceg Novi in Montenegro.


Trešnje / Cherries

dir. Dubravka Turić / Croatia / 2017 / short film / 30'

A growing-up story set in Dalmatinska Zagora. Jakov is a boy whose carefree summer is gradually being disrupted by family conflicts. A tragic series of events will spark an impulse in Jakov to rebel against the grown ups and leave a permanent mark on him. The film was screened as a part of the official selection of Cannes Film Festival.


8:00 PM

Nina Dragičević: The Music Between Them - Music in construction of lesbian communities | lecture and social event

When speaking of lesbians, one first thinks of Sappho, the first lesbian poet. But Sappho was a musician, a singer-songwriter, her texts were sung to delight her companions, as she puts it.

We speak little of music as a primary source of connection between lesbians and of its complicity in the construction of lesbian communities. Consider a situation in a club, a certain song playing, the sensual voice singing I can’t help falling in love with you or quiero respirar tu cuello despacito. It is through one look between two lesbians hearing that music that the first connection is made between them. Long before they know each other’s names, before a single word was said.

In her latest book The music between them Nina Dragičević elaborate on the numerous levels on which music plays an important part in these processes. The lecture looks upon the history of music in lesbian communities - both composed by lesbian musicians and the music that is/was played in lesbian contexts - and its emancipatory effects. What did lesbians listen to (or still do?) and how did that bring them together?

The lecture is accompanied by a listening room with several groundbreaking songs by lesbian musicians from the beginning of the 20th century. Nina further proposes to show examples of how the music from Yugoslavia contributed to the lesbian scene in Ljubljana, created in a club, through lesbian DJs, and surprisingly included songs by Zdravko Čolić and Lepa Brena.

The lecture/ listening room is interactive and invite local participants to bring music related to their own lesbian contexts; creating a musical map of ex yugoslav lesbian scenes the event closes by a socializing event (party).

Nina Dragičević is a composer, sound artist, a writer. She holds a master’s degree in Sociology. She is the author of three books: a novel Kdo ima druge skrbi (2014), and two essayist monographs - Slavne neznane: Zvočne umetnice v konstrukciji družbe (2016, en. Famous Unknowns: Women sound artists in construction of society), and Med njima je glasba: Glasba v konstrukciji lezbične scene (2017, en. The music between them: Music in construction of lesbian communities). Nina is a member of the Slovenian Writers’ Association. She is the author of numerous electroacoustic compositions and sound installations. In 2016 her album Parallellax (Kamizdat Records) was released, while her piece HRTBRKS was included in the Access Frame: Property compilation (Kamizdat Records). Her sound works were presented at Spektrum (Berlin), Kapelica Gallery, ŠKUC Gallery, Sajeta Art & Music Festival, Cirkulacija2, Slovenian Writers’ Association, AKC Metelkova, Tovarna Rog, Radio Slovenia, Radio Študent etc. She is also the artistic director of the Topographies of Sound International symposium-festival, co-editor at the Idiot literary magazine, and the author of Famous Unknowns radio show at Radio Študent. In 2018 she received The Knight of Poetry Award - both in Jury Selection and People’s Choice categories -, and was presented a Recognition Award for Outstanding Scholarly Achievements by The University of Ljubljana. In the same year she was a finalist for the Palma Ars Acustica European award (European Broadcasting Union) for her sound piece Parallellax.