Mapping Refugees Villach

Mapping Flight, Isolation and Invisibility of (Rohingya) refugees

15.-21. December 2020, OFF SPACE Kunst Raum Villach, Karlgasse 8

The event "10 Days That Shook The World" on the situation of the Rohingya refugees was planned as an intervention in March 2020 in several places in Dhaka, as “performative architecture to embed a temporary autonomous zone community interaction formed as radical hospitality: for cooking and sharing meals, teaching, reading, watching or making film, playing music, sleeping. (…) Within this space, the power dynamics between host and guest or self and other interchange and dissolve into those of multitudes in spontaneous social action. (...) Our collective practice is based on three activities: performance, social interaction and documentation-dissemination. (...) It carries important voices that celebrate years of resistance - of resilience - of making more visible voices and stories that must be heard.“  These interventions were extended by the pandemic and the lockdown to several months and could be carried out in an adapted manner. They have been archived by Ebadur Rahman on a website, where the encounters and works of the participating artists/researchers can be seen.

“How marginalized is the topic of the refugee crisis here in Austria and Carinthia?" is the question that will be the focus of the dialogue events accompanying the exhibition  of "10 Days That Shook The World" from December 15th to 21st 2020. It will be made visible, which artists, scientists and NGOs are involved in this area, as well as their attitude towards the refugee crisis.

Program in Villach

Exibhition "10 Days That Shook The World"

The Exhibition of the participatory intervention "10 days that shook the world”
will be shown in the premises of the OFF SPACE Kunst Raum Villach at Karlgasse 8.
Unless we have to move into the virtual space, because of the Covid 19 measures of the Austrian government.


Interventions from Sheida Samyi in shop-windows of vacant buildings: Hans-Gasser-Platz 2, Karlgasse 8, Hauptplatz 10  9500 Villach

The intervention is taking place in public space during the entire duration of the event in Villach.

Burning issues - in german and english

On four evenings, refugee workers from Carinthia, Italy and Vienna, Carinthian scientists and artists, who deal with refugee issues in their projects, and who are committed to refugees and the topic of flight, will discuss.

Biographical stories

Rosalia Kopeinig offers a workshop for people who want to reflect on the topic of flight.

helping hands

A meeting of refugees and those who give space.

The event is internal due to the Covid 19 measures the Austrian government.


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