analog mapping

The analog Mapping

The analog Mappings will stay approximately ten days in each location for the final set-up, realisation and wrap-up of the five to seven day program – a mix of performances, installations, talks, workshops and research in the vacant business rooms. The intervention temporarily disturbs the use of the room: an unused room is being used. In doing so, the concept of “void” is contextualised dialectically in its heterotopian approach: an empty room is filled with a topic that is absent in social dialogue outside of it. The resulting state of plenitude is playing field for artists and the public, effectively a room for artistic work and discussion. The aim is to place the program in salesrooms and business offices at a ground level that the public presence of the intervention is reinforced: Whatever happens inside is visible also from the outside, the street view, making it part of public space. In turn, the experience is not limited to those that access the room's interior.

It is open for audience who will come because of the media coverage in regional newspapers, the internet and social media, press articles and invitations. It includes a short introduction and presentation of the idea of -Mapping the Unseen-, before the program unfolds: contributions by artists, supplemented by biographical work sessions, research and moderation.

The implemantation of the analog Mappings are called the Action Phases in the project. 

The program finished in JUNE 2021.