virtual mapping

The virtual Mapping

The virtual Mapping  is an artistic artefact that relates directly to the research findings: it is an unique collection of the variety of chosen topics, artworks, interviews and academic publications, creating a new discourse leading to a transcultural space. Furthermore, it is the basis for the development of respective animated graphics, designed by Katrin Ackerl Konstantin and programmed by Wade Olsen and Philipp Luftensteiner. The sketches and set designs were adapted by the illustrator Claudia Six.

This virtual equivalent aspires to be a Mapping of the real rooms of the analog Mappings, that now would be accessible for all interested people from anywhere in the world via the Internet. It works as an interactive virtual archive: Here the respective user can explore and comment the topics and rooms by means of animated 3D graphics and a blue cube simulation.

The virtual Mapping can be used with a PC or notebook computer.

click here to enter the virtual mapping - please use the Browser: Firefox, Chrome or Edge

This virtual mapping traces what topics are experienced because of their implicit unseen, marginalised nature in the respective locations. The user will here be confronted with the chosen topics by the artists or art groups: They choose what room they want to explore in the virtual setting, as for every topic there will be a room installed. In each room, the movement of the user through the archive is enabled through the cursor. She/he/they are furthermore guided by questions and supported by specific tools: The user may activate the program by clicking on pictures, questions, monitors or animated figures. This will show respective audiovisual and photographic material, ensuring individual experiences of the room based on interactivity.

The virtual mapping was released online on June 24th, 25th and 26th 2021.
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