reflection phase

The Reflection Phase

Out of autoethnographic sketchbooks, film- and photomaterials of the action phases Katrin Ackerl Konstantin will create a summary adhering to the principles of autoethnographic research. This artistic work will be shown in the virtual Mapping, including other results of the research based on process reflection:
The depth hermeneutic approach, which concentrates on “what lies beyond spoken words and the articulated story, is followed up by focusing on the interacting self and the interplay between researcher and respondent” (Regina Klein 2011). Using the recorded biographical workshop sessions they will be transliterated and analysed by the team members with the method of scenic understanding of the depth hermeneutic method. The aim is to find through irritating moments and self-reflexive awareness hidden puzzle pieces, which allow the revealing of unconscious material that is embedded in the text. This analysis discloses topics, which represent hidden cultural concepts and social taboos. The qualitative aspect of this method will reveal a concept out of the relation between the researcher and the research object. This analysis will be made by Regina Klein and Rosalia Kopeinig.

The scientific reflection of the action phases, uses interview material of the audience (done by Andreas Hudelist), and interview material of the team members, the participating art groups and the guides. It will be operated by Martina Ukowitz and addresses the level of process and methods as well as the level of contents. The focus on the process reveals new insights into available possibilities for tracing and discussing topics, which society finds difficult to discuss openly.

The results of the reflection are expected to be beneficial for further engagement in artistic research and in sustainable development. The scientific reflection on the content level provides insights into different cultures, raises awareness for similarities and differences and facilitates transnational understanding among the project participants and the audience.