The Team of Mapping the Unseen

The concept, the implementation and moderation of the whole project as well as the artistic creation of the mapping will be realised by Katrin Ackerl Konstantin, actress, director and psychologist, specialised in participatory art and performing arts. She works as an artist as well as a researcher in this project.

The participating artists, Common Zone/Vox feminae, Mana Mira and Ebad Rahman are involved in an artistical aspect, as well as in the decision taking, as they take part in the identification and selection of the marginalised topics. 

The Biographical Work is conducted by Rosalia Kopeinig, a psychologist, whose work largely focuses on research in migration. Andreas Hudelist, researcher in performative art, participation and democracy, will do interviews with audience-members and is working on the dissemination part in the project, focusing on theoretical positions.  Martina Ukowitz, specialised in intervention research and transdisciplinarity at the University of Klagenfurt focuses on the understanding of participation within the project. Erol Yildiz is a researcher of critical migration. He will take part in the project as a lecturer and will be part of the dissemination. Regina Klein, cultural scientist, is doing together with Rosalia Kopeinig the depth hermeneutic cultural analysis. The so called “guides” became threads that weave through the whole project and will mainly take a conciliatory and a guiding part.

The virtual mapping was programmed and built by Wade Olsen and will now be transferred and expanded by Philipp Luftensteiner. The sketches and set designs, as well as research materials will be adapted by the illustrator Claudia Six.