Program 15.02.2020

8.-Mai-Straße 28, Raum 8/Klagenfurt

7:00 PM

Luka Prelas & Tihomir Babić: Made by our Bodies | Music performance

“Made by our Bodies is a performance piece combining poetry and improvised musical bits, performed by Zagreb’s resident artists Tihomir Babić and Luka Prelas. Their texts resembling slam poetry describe the conflict between them and their bodies as a means of establishing relationships with their own bodies, as well as with the bodies of others.”
Accompanied by an improvised musical backdrop of a saxophone and a guitar (and the potential inaptness that comes with it), they illustrate an unpreparedness for facing oneself and the arbitrariness of what we are, how we perceive ourselves and how we present ourselves to others.

Tihomir Babić and Luka Prelas are a self-proclaimed power couple that has recently embarked on merging their artistic practices.

Tihomir Babić is a self-employed writer and guitar player, as well as a recent escapee from the corporate world of economics.

Luka Prelas is an artist currently living, working and studying in Amsterdam.

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Die Grünen Andersrum, part of the Green party of Austria, who engage for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

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