This blog reflects different stages, different phases within the project

The last days of preparing the third intervention in Bangladesh

The last days of preparing the third intervention in Bangladesh become crazy and dangerous because of this worldwide pandemia of the corona virus. We have booked our flights, the visum was in process, the program, the venue everything was focussed to be finalised in this upcoming three weeks, but now time stands still, everything is unclear whether we could or should go on or not. Our Guide Hadi told us, that Bangladesh do not let any people in who are coming from Europe. Apart from that we cannot travel without or visas, but our passports are actually at the Embassy of Bangladesh in Vienna now for more than 2 weeks, and we didn t received them yet, only the message that the Embassy is closed now because of the virus, so even our passports are unreachable. Ebad, the artist we are coopararting with, who selected the marginalized topic of the rohingya refugees and was and is curating the whole program and venue in Dhaka, took yesterday a flight from USA to reach Dhaka, but we dont know, whether they have let him in or not, nore if he has to go in Quarantäne once he is landed there. So everything so unclear and insecure. Our University here in Klagenfurt has closed its doors, and the ministery of Austria is giving everyday new advices how to behave, to stop going out, only for urgent reasons, shops will close etc. So i take now the time to be thankful about the last realization in Klagenfurt, which was very succesful, with so many intersted peope, talks, networkings, presentations, artworks, yes, thank you so much for that.



17.02.2020 Two days after the opening in Klagenfurt I am happy how the program runs and I really enjoy the special atmosphere in the evenings together with the audience, to feel, that audience, community and intersted people feel comfortable and inspired. Setting up everything in the room was not that ideal,  cleanliness and internal communication were the weak points, so it was really a stressing phase the days before. But now hours and talks later,  I think we managed it that nobody feels harmed  and missunderstood anymore and we can accept that there are things we can improve from both sides. I try to be more aware in the next preparationphase regarding the needs and expectation of the artists who will arrive and we have to give the setting up more time. Not only because of roomconditions but also to find space and time to explain what the main idea of the project is, the aim that it should be a common presentation.


29.1.2020 The preparation for the realizations in Klagenfurt are reaching its peak, the venue is found, what was my mayor concern, but after a long period of waiting for a binding yes for an empty salesroom, i tried it at the raum 8, where i was so warmly welcomed that i immeadeatly decided to do the event there in this inspiring atmosphere. He, Gerhard Fresacher promised me to clear the walls, removing all the pictures, which are now there. This means that in a way we can use it again as an empty space for us and it is also visible from outside through its showcases! So i took a measuringtape and after a few emails, formulars and talks everything seems now to be on the way. Also the posters, programs are now printed and are waiting to be seen, ;-). It is a tough journy according to the organisational needs the project is challenging me, but from the research and artistic perspective it is a great gift to realize this process.


6.12.2019 I had a vey inspiring travel to Vienna, visting Philipp Luftensteiner and Claudia Six to talk about the virtual archive, the images, the programming aspects, the possibilities to creat the virtual room. I am very looking forward to this process, which is starting now. 

Apart from that I am still seeking for an adequate room to present the venue here in Carinthia, to intervene with the topic and the program in public space in an empty salesroom. It seems that there is a very intersting option, hopefully we will get the room in the center, this would be wonderful. Also the curatorial search for additional programparts of regional artists here, scientists and NGOs working in the field of LGBTIQ, works very well. So the program for Klagenfurt is neraly done and i am happy to announce the dates: It will take place here from 14th to 21th of february.


22.11. 2019 Back from Zagreb, we are preparing the second Mapping here, which means that we are inviting parts of the program of Zagreb to Klagenfurt, where the Intervention will take place  from 14th - 21th of February. We choose the 14th, because we wanted to start on Valentines day. :-)8

The task is now to enrich the program with regional parts, lectures, screenings, artworks to start a dialog in Carinthia about the topic, about possible marginalization here as well and to figure out potential simmilarities and differences, to envoke encounter and for sure enable the research about taboos and the "Unseen". 


05.11. 2019 We started the program and the intervention in Zagreb according to the topic LGBTIQ issues. The 6 days intervention take place in three temporary unused rooms in an office, who focus on human rights issues. It was a pleasure to see how many interested people came, many of them very young, open minded and the mood and atmosphere was very good. So the topic starts to get visible, not as i wished also visible from the street through large salesrooms windows, so in a way it is still hidden, because the program is not directly visible. We put rollups in the entrance of the building and a poster, it looks great. It seems that till now we reached especially friends or community people who came on purpose, but I am also very interested whether it is possible to reach also other people in this week, who are not part of the artistfriends or communiy. Lets "see..."


31.10. 2019 Only a couple of days are left, then the realization of the first intervention will take place in Zagreb. The preparation was exciting, after all it tooks ages to came to this point, from the idea to the application and the acceptance from the funding side and of course finding partners who are intersted to be in the project. I am very happy and honoured to be hosted by the University in Klagenfurt to do all the plannings and meetings there but also very happy to find this team to work on the researchpart in the project. Artistic research is such a thrillling way to renew approaches of research by creating a link between art and science. 
For this intervention in Zagreb we had a wonderful communication with Common Zone/Vox Femniae with Marino, Gabe and Diana. We appreciate the location, the venue where the intervention will take place, and i am very looking forward to the events starting on 4th of October, the observations, the talks and of course the encounter.