3. Talk/lecture on the topic Discrimination – Violence against Girls*/Women*

12.4. 4.30-6 p.m., virtual space

Online lecture with the possibility of interactive participation on the topic of girls*/women* and violence by the Klagenfurt Girls‘ Centre.

Eva Krainer (social pedagogue and qualified coach)
Dominique Pipal (life and social counsellor/psychological counselling)

Sometimes it is a media report that is very touching. Sometimes it happens in the flat or office next door, or women* are affected themselves – then violence against girls* and women* becomes a very personal matter. But are these only a few individual fates? And what about all the other forms of violence and discrimination that girls* and women* experience almost every day? Do we live in a society that enables and (co-)causes violence against girls* and women* on different levels? The lecture and discussion will address these questions.

An offer within the project YES WE DO – GEMEINSAM GEGEN GEWALTIGE WELTEN VON MÄDCHEN* UND FRAUEN* by the Klagenfurt Girls‘ Centre, funded by the Federal Chancellery for Women, Family, Youth and Integration, the City of Villach and the City of Klagenfurt.

Registration by e-mail no later than April 10th to Eva Krainer, Girls‘ Centre Klagenfurt: krainer@maedchenzentrum.at

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