Program 21.02.2020

8.-Mai-Straße 28, Raum 8/Klagenfurt

3:00 – 5:00 PM

Biography workshop

This workshop is an invitation for people who are interested in reflecting their own biographical stories around the theme. Telling the own story is sometimes also telling an alternative his/her*story contrary to the common history of a generation of a city. All this implies a discussion of memories, which reveal personal experiences and attitudes thus granting access to social realities on a subjective and socio-historical level.

Rosalia Kopeinig is leading this workshop. She is a psychologist and a team member of Mapping the Unseen.

6:00 PM

Transcultural dialogue

A dialogue with people, who moved from Croatia or neighbouring countries to Carinthia and now live here. This offers an insight into their biographies and experiences.

7:00 PM

Fierce Women | Card game

„Fierce Women“ is a card game, similar to Quartett. It was developed by Vox Feminae and illustrated by female Croatian artists. Female figures from science, art, activism and other fields are made visible and can be experienced in a playful manner. There are well known people like Simone de Beauvoir or Hanna Arendt, as well as many other women, who can be discovered. It is a feminist approach to develop a game that is for all ages, tells “herstory” (history with/about/by women) and presents new role models.

The game is both presented and can be played. One edition of the game can be won!