Program 9.11.2019

Dordićeva 8a/II, Zagreb


Workplace Equality for All | theatre play

This play that has been created as part of the European “Workplace Equality for all” project is both artistic and educational in character; the issue of discrimination of LGBTQ+ individuals is articulated through an immediate theatre experience that aims at informing its audience, as well as to create an emotional closeness with them. The play was mainly made for a corporate audience; private company employees and public sector workers who are sure to come across members of the community – their colleagues, potential employees or their supervisors – and are potential witnesses of workplace discrimination. This discrimination is often the result of ignorance and lack of education on the topic, which is why this play has an educational touch in terms of shining light on uncomfortable situations that a member of the community might find themselves in in the public space. However, although it has a goal audience, the play equally speaks to LGBTQ+ individuals and everyone in their surroundings, but also to any other show-goer who is interested in the matter and wants to have a better understanding of a queer person’s everyday life.

The documentary nature of the matter that served as the inspiration furthers the palpability and liveliness of the play that was poetically conceptualized to come as close to the audience as possible. Four actors bring to life stories that have been translated from real-life experiences of community members into a dramatic act, thus building a mosaic, trying to look at as many different perspectives as possible and provide a thorough analysis of different experiences LGBTQ+ individuals have at the workplace. The language of the play is simple, so to say, human, with a highlight on recognition and empathy that arise from an expressive interaction between actors.

The artistic team is composed of four actors: Lana Vatsel, Mirel Huskić, Karmen Sunčana Lovrić and Dragutin Miškić; and Espi Tomičić and Lucija Klarić, who are the other half of the creative team. The project was aided by Live Your Story, a Dutch organization that had a long and successful run of a LGBTQ+-themed play meant for younger generations.

The theatre is considered to be one of the only immediate media of today, serving as a communication field, a forum where everyone can find out something new, learn, but also to experience and live, which is what the play is aiming to achieve: to educate the broader community on LGBTIQ+ issues and present them in a way that will be recognisable and more importantly, relatable, to the audience.